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Wine, Food & Friends with Karen MacNeil is the perfect antidote to “wine anxiety” – the fears and apprehensions that arise each time we try to choose the right wine for the right occasion.

The 13-part series was produced in association with Cooking Light magazine, the largest gastronomic magazine in the world, with a circulation of 4 million.

Karen MacNeil is series host. A fantastic teacher, she demystifies wine using humor, passion and fun. In addition to hosting the series, she is Chairperson of the Wine Department at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley and author of The Wine Bible, the fastest selling wine book in America, now with more than 250,000 copies sold. As the Chicago Tribune says, “Think of MacNeil as your favorite camp counselor. She is bright and quick, full of energy and countless tidbits of information.”

Each edition of Wine, Food & Friends presents the story of real people and actual events – for example, buying wine in a retail shop, selecting wine for a wedding, ordering wine on a first date, choosing food-friendly wines for a supper club get-together, or attending a wine festival. Real characters, exciting locales, and unforgettable events form the background for an effortless education about wine appreciation and wine and food pairing.

An interactive web site (www.winefoodandfriends.com) provided viewers with additional information on wine and food as well as direct links to series underwriters. DVD copies of the entire t season are currently in home video distribution. A companion book published by Cooking Light is also in direct marketing and retail distribution.