World On The Brink

  • May 10, 2018
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Coming This Spring to Public Television: Landmark Four-Hour Documentary Series “A World On The Brink” Explores Globalization and Instability

Real Vision Group and Grace Creek Media announce the broadcast debut of the 4-part geopolitical documentary series A World On The Brink. This up-to-the-minute series, hosted by intelligence and foreign policy expert Dee Smith, a permanent member of the Council on Foreign Relations, provides insights into how we arrived at today’s fractured world and what we can expect ahead.

“It increasingly feels like we are on the brink,” says Smith in his introduction to the four-part series. “But...on the brink of what?”

The documentary features commentary and insight from 19 leaders from around the world drawn from disciplines as diverse as foreign policy, diplomacy, the military, psychology, finance, engineering, theology, and history. The series travels the world to examine the rising threats we face and the reasons they are escalating. From globalization to anti-globalism, from cyber war to bio-threats, and from world order to social de-cohesion, A World On The Brink offers timely, multi-faceted views on the crises of our times.

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