The Unauthorized History of Taxes Hosted by Bret Baier for Fox Nation and Fox News

  • May 26, 2021
  • By Bien
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For spring 2021, Fox Nation, the digital subscription video channel from Fox News Channel, presents the second major documentary series in their strand of “Unauthorized Histories,” produced by Grace Creek Media.  The new series looks at the evolution of taxes in America and is hosted by Bret Baier. Andrew Walworth is executive producer for Grace Creek and writer/producer of the series. John Sorensen is director/editor. 

The five-part series features interviews with major scholars and experts, including Arthur Laffer, Amity Shlaes, John Tamny, Larry Kudlow and others.

According to Walworth, writing for, “Today the lessons of our tax history seem to be forgotten, at least within the Democratic Party, which has embarked on a tax-raising bender at both the state and national level. We’re about to embark on another national experiment to see how Americans react to tax increases. While some say that economic conditions have changed to the point where "it is different this time" (cautionary words to any student of history) – we’re likely to find that human nature is a stubborn thing.”

Shot and edited at the height of the Covid-19 lockdown, the production was especially challenging. “We have produced several large, multi-episode projects like this, so we are used to the complexity of managing many moving parts at once,” says Walworth. “Covid presented some new challenges, but we were able to adjust, keeping the production on-budget and on-schedule.”

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