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“Ideas In Action with Jim Glassman” To Debut in February

New Television Series from Grace Creek Media and The George W. Bush Institute Explores Impact of Ideas on Public Policy

Annapolis, MD. (Jan 12, 2010) – Andrew Walworth, president of the television and distribution company Grace Creek Media, announced today the launch of a new half-hour television series on ideas and their consequences, Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman. Each edition of the new series, to be hosted by veteran journalist, scholar and diplomat Jim Glassman, will present a discussion of trends, conditions, and ideas at the heart of the important issues of the day.

“The premise of the program is that ideas that come out of the academy and research institutes can have profound impact on the real world,” says Walworth, who will serve as executive producer of the program. “We are interested in the nexus of theory and policy – or to put it another way, what happens when ideas are put into action?”