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We create media properties – documentaries, television specials, websites, OTT and IPTV channels – and then we manage their growth.

We work solo and in partnership with likeminded organizations, including networks, businesses, non-profits, foundations, and talented individuals.

Our integrated approach combines content creation and acquisition, distribution, monetization and measurement, with the exact mix tailored for each project.

As the media landscape changes, we adapt and refine our strategy. As a result, we have created a track record of success for ourselves and our partners. We invite you to learn more about Grace Creek Media on this website, and look forward to hearing from you.


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The Jack Kemp Playbook

“In this era of astonishing divisiveness in politics and the general culture, Fox Nation graces us with a 78-minute documentary on a late politician of a far more generous spirit, the conservative congressman and idea man Jack Kemp…Do go online and watch The Jack Kemp Playbook. And then, perhaps, let’s start looking for leaders with Kemp’s joyously can-do spirit.”

--The Washington Examiner


“I narrated this documentary, but the credit should go to the team who put it together. Kemp’s brand of conservatism — optimistic, compassionate and growth-oriented made him a man for his time, and possibly for ours.”

-- Brit Hume, Fox News


Animal Planet Heroes

“If you're an animal lover, neither of these full-throttle documentaries should be missed. Both are what television does best. And have a box of Kleenex within reach.”

--The Seattle Times

"This compelling program presents another side to the tragedy in the Gulf region. Delving into the personal animal and human stories lets viewers see for themselves the depth of commitment and compassion displayed by so many. Their efforts show there's light in the darkness and there are stories of hope."

--Maureen Smith, executive vice president and general manager, Animal Planet U.S.

Wine, Food & Friends

“Americans are seeking a more casual relationship with wine drinking, something she (MacNeil) hopes to encourage in her 13-part TV show, Wine, Food & Friends. Instead of delivering lectures and lapsing into winespeak, she relies on the spontaneous reactions of her guests to get her message across. When she does talk about wine, she uses unconventional, even coquettish language: a Cabernet is “like Sean Connery, masculine and meaty”; a Sauvignon Blanc is “the bad girl of white wine, with mismatched earrings and stiletto heels.”

--Time Magazine


Karen MacNeil seems on a track to be the Julia Child of wine. Her new TV series, "Wine, Food & Friends with Karen MacNeil," started running in early October, and it is already receiving raves from viewers and station management alike.  It's lively and non-threatening, a long way from most people's image of learning about wine.”

--Napa Valley Register

Think Tank

“A Weighty New Entree on the Public Affairs Menu”

--The New York Times

“One of the better shows on PBS these days is Ben Wattenberg’s ‘Think Tank.’  Always four outstanding guests and always provocative subjects.”

--Larry King, USA Today

 “If you’ve never seen ‘Think Tank,’ commentator Ben Wattenberg’s innovative new current affairs chatfest, you’re missing one of the more intellectually stimulating shows on TV.”

--The Washington Times

“Tired of no-comment tabloid sleazy TV newsmags?  This is the antidote.  Author/commentator Ben Wattenberg returns to PBS to host this weekly investigation of the deeper trends and issues behind a single news topic.”

--The Orange County Register

The Big Band Sound of WWII

"The Big Band Sound of WWII, was a tremendous success, seen by over 13 million people on PBS stations nationwide. The overwhelming response from television audiences across the country demonstrated the enduring power and appeal of classic jazz standards."

-Jazz Improv Magazine

"Here's some good news for Felten fans: His PBS concert — which first aired two years ago and is titled The Big Band Sound of WWII — is available on video. This is delightful, spiffy, polished music-making by a delightful, spiffy, polished man."

- National Review

Follow The Money

“‘Follow the Money,’ produced by a youngblood independent company, New River Media, debuted July 11.  The debut episode did move along briskly, with several elements purposely designed to give it a different feel.  The opening animation, created by New Republic  cartoonist Tom Toles, is funny and smart eye candy.  Guitar-driven rock’n roll is the theme music....Walworth is clearly comfortable trying new things.”


A Third Choice

“While the Republicans duke it out in presidential caucuses and primaries and the Democratic president gears up his campaign, perhaps the most objective and entertaining TV show about national campaigns is ‘A Third Choice’ on PBS.”

--United Press International

 “The one-hour program, part of public television’s ongoing Democracy Project, is a vibrant, telling look at history’s odd men out.”

--The Chicago Tribune

 “A Third Choice offers a succinct look at the history of American political parties.”

--Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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